Let's get stylish together !


By Anouchka Bardunov

December first? For real? We literally can't believe how the past months flew by! Did we really go from a rainy summer to a freezing autumn? Yep, seems like it. But let's take a look on the bright side: you might not get your nice tan anymore (speak for yourself Cyrielle, you always have a nice tanning lotion on) but your beautiful body is wearing fantastic long sleeves knits and killer jeans! It is actually so cold this week that we are all in for a few new coats and jackets.


A few inspirations...


To keep you warm...

... our new Studio Cut coat, available in Camel, Grey and Black.



To stay cool...

... our Won Hundred Bess bomber in green.


 To be one of a kind...

... our unique Rag & Bone Tyne sherling jacket.

Want to recreate Cyrielle and Candice's looks?


  • White long sleeves top: Fredda
  • Green bomber jacket: Bess
  • High rise stirrup jeans: Valerie
  • Black loafers: Ganni (*not the ones she is wearing)