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Summer is over and we are already deep in the Fall Season. And to be honest, it is one of the most exciting times of the year, yep, I mean it ! Let me explain ! Even if soaking up the final days of blissful sunshine is a bit nostalgic, Fall is the most romantic time of the year. October : you will wear cosy knits on your summer-ish blue denim, silk shirts with oversized coats to keep you warm outside (so sexy), jumpsuits and sneakers, knitted maxi dress bare-legs,... November : you will play with your wardrobe by layering shirts and cropped knit, oversized sweatshirt on skinny jeans, heavy wool knit on leather trousers, you will add volume in your daily outfits. And December ! Oh December ! You will wear sparkling outfits, shiny blouses and sexy heeled shoes as we will celebrate Christmas, the best period of the year !

The first taste of the feeling of fall in the air is like the start of a whole new beginning, and to a whole new wardrobe too ! Scroll down to check the selection I made for this week.

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