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We are so thrilled to welcome some new denim cut in our JEANS SECTION. New Season, New Vibes !
We have been focused on shapes, and trying to select interesting architectural shapes for denim, such as the new balloon jeans, and also the 90s with its pinched waist, super flattering and easy to wear. This season, our denim brands took their inspiration in architecture, art, sculpture and also in films from the 70’s.

The result? Amazing fits, deep blue, faded clean blue hues, sustainable fabrics,...

Style is way more important than fashion. This is why you will discover new timeless pieces, bold cuts, feminine details and monochrome atmosphere. 

The focus is on modernity and vintage silhouettes. The brands Juxtaposed that with a felinity and sculpturalness in the ready-to wear.

One of the Key trend of the season ? Lots of volume and pleating that feels a little bit more menswear-inspired.

To Be Continued...